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A Wave One Sports team practice pack is a combination of sportswear items customized with school designs and logos. Wave One Sports has experienced a great amount of success and productivity through practice packs. Wave One Sports now offers custom practice pack options and combinations for any sports team, school, or corporate organization. Popular national brands such as Nike, Under Armour, Warrior, Brine, Champion, and Holloway can be combined with house brands to create the perfect practice pack for your team, group, or organization.

“The Original” Wave One Sports team practice pack consists of a hoody, t-shirt, mesh shorts, and a mesh reversible pinnie, all with the same one color print (design, logo). By combining multiple products to create a package, Wave One Sports is able to offer our customers a better bang for their buck. The popularity of custom practice packs exploded when Wave One Sports created a variety of different packs thinking outside of “The Original,” combining sweatpants, sublimated reversibles, and quarter zip hoods into numerous practice pack options.

The sky is the limit with custom practice packs as customers can combine any products they desire and construct their own unique custom practice pack.  A Nike Dri-Fit shirt, an Under Armour hoody, a Warrior reversible pinnie, and a pair of Warrior mesh shorts is an excellent example of the variety of gear that can be mixed together to create a custom practice pack.

Wave One Sports currently offers numerous Nike and Under Armour practice packs. Wave One Sports’ strong relationship with both Nike and Under Armour gives us the ability to offer their great products in practice packs at exceptional values.  Wave One Sports has created an array of different pack options stretching from the basics of sweatpants and sweatshirts to premier warm-up gear.

Following the hottest current trend in custom team sports apparel, Wave One Sports offers practice packs that include sublimated apparel. Sublimation is a thermal-dying process that allows simple or intricate team logos, lettering, patterns, and many colors to easily transform a variety of white technical fabrics into beautiful uniforms and other items of sports apparel.  By combining two or more items, like a sublimated reversible and a pair of sublimated shorts, into one pack creates a much better value.

Wave One Sports, the leader in custom team sports apparel, encourages our customers to consider team practice packs.  Wave One Sports will create custom mocks-ups and assist with ideas for all standard and custom team practice packs.

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