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Wave One Sports has a great offer for every football team that is looking for that extra competitive edge: a football practice pack. What is a football practice pack? A football practice pack is a combination of sportswear, paired together specifically for the needs of a football team. Fully customizable, football practice packs are a stylish and cost-effective way of outfitting your football team.

Wave One Sports carries popular clothing brands like Nike, Under Armour, and Warrior among others and has the technology to screen print, embroider, tackle twill, and sublimate so everyone’s clothing can be personalized. Place school or club logos or designs on your clothing to show off your team’s pride. Although there are certain combinations of clothing already in place, all of Wave One Sports’ football practice packs are fully customizable so you purchase exactly what you are looking for. For instance, an UnderArmour HeatGear loose t-shirt can be paired with a pair of Warrior mesh shorts and a Nike Dri-Fit sweatshirt to create a custom football practice pack.  

Order a practice pack for the long days of weightlifting in the gym and another one for those brutal summer two-a-days. Want to order a practice pack especially for those chilly October and November Friday nights under the lights? Customize your practice pack to include warmer pieces of clothing like sweatpants, sweatshirts, and jackets.

In addition to saving time because set combinations of clothing are pre-determined, ordering a practice pack for the whole football team as opposed to buying each piece of the practice pack individually is much a better deal; there is no doubt that your savings will be in the thousands of dollars.

Going hand-in-hand with football practice packs are spirit-wear packs for coaches, staff, and fans. Similar to football practice packs, spirit-wear packs are pieces of clothing matched together into a bundle to make the most affordable deal for supporters of a team. These packs are also fully customizable but most commonly include clothing like polos and sweatshirts. Show your support in style by ordering a spirit-wear pack today.

Wave One Sports’ talented sales associates will help create your order and walk you through the entire ordering process to ensure you are satisfied with your football practice pack. Call Wave One Sports today for a free price quote for your football practice pack at 1-800-779-2831.

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