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Field Hockey Uniforms

Wave One has featured field hockey uniforms in our lineup of custom team sports apparel since 1988. Field hockey uniforms are very similar, often identical, to women’s lacrosse uniforms. In the United States, field hockey is popular with women and girls. Outside of the US, field hockey is also popular with men and boys. Wave One Sports sells the vast majority of our field hockey uniforms to women’s college field hockey teams and girl’s high school teams. 

For many years, field hockey uniforms consisted of a cotton polo-style shirt with a collar worn as a jersey and a plaid wrap around kilt usually made of wool. The jersey usually included a team logo embroidered on the left breast, the player’s number tackle twilled on the opposite breast, and a larger player number tackle twilled on the back of jersey. Tackle twill is achieved by cutting letters and numbers from cloth and stitching these cloth letters directly to the jersey. The kilts were made from a variety of plaids and usually did not include any embellishment. These traditional uniforms were hot, bulky, and heavy, especially when wet.

 In recent years, field hockey uniforms have changed dramatically. High performance lightweight nylon and polyester fabrics have replaced heavier cotton and wool fabrics used for both jerseys and kilts. Moisture wicking and antimicrobial technologies are the new standards in fabrics used for athletic apparel. Modern uniform styling employing feminine silhouettes has replaced polo shirts and kilts. Female athletes at all levels expect and demand that field hockey uniforms be more functional and flattering than their predecessors. Current field hockey jersey styles include Racer-Back, T-Back, cap sleeve, sleeveless, short sleeve and v-neckA-Line skirts with elastic waists have all but replaced wrap around kilts.

Sublimation is currently the hottest trend in field hockey uniforms. Sublimation is a dying process that allows simple or intricate team logos, lettering, patterns, and multitudes of colors to easily transform a variety of white technical fabrics into beautiful uniforms. Uniform designs are created artistically and printed on specific paper using special ink. The printed paper and white fabric are run through a heated roller system sublimating the design into the top layer of the fabric. The result is a lightweight, durable, and fantastic looking fabric from which uniform panels are cut and sewn together completing the uniform. Sublimated field hockey uniforms have gained popularity due to the unique, one-of-a-kind look that can be created, the moisture control aspect of the technical fabrics used in their construction, and the vibrant, long-lasting colors that result from the sublimation process.

Wave One Sports has been making and selling custom field hockey uniforms and custom team sports apparel to youth, high school, college, and professional sports teams since 1988. Wave One Sports is the leader in custom field hockey uniforms.

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