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Wave One Sports, the leader in custom team sports apparel, has been combining high quality apparel with superior service and competitive pricing to provide exception value to our customers since 1988. Wave One Sports offers lacrosse helmets. Lacrosse Helmets are required equipment in all men's and boy's lacrosse leagues. Wave One Sports sells Cascade, Warrior and STX lacrosse helmets. Cascade has been building and selling lacrosse helmets for 30 years and is generally regarded as the leader and top selling brand in lacrosse helmets and eye masks. Warrior Lacrosse has been manufacturing and selling lacrosse helmets from more than a decade and many top high school and college lacrosse teams wear Warrior lacrosse helmets. Warrior Lacrosse sponsors the MLL (Major League Lacrosse) outdoor professional lacrosse league whose teams all wear Warrior Lacrosse Helmets. STX is a new player in the lacrosse helmet game the impact of their lacrosse helmets remains to be seen.

Lacrosse helmets are used by lacrosse players to protect their heads from Injuries. Lacrosse helmets protect lacrosse player's heads by preventing or reducing the impact from lacrosse balls, lacrosse sticks, other player's lacrosse helmets and collisions with the ground or lacrosse goals. Lacrosse helmets are manufactured and sold primarily by three main companies in the US, Cascade, Warrior and STX. Cascade lacrosse helmets are hands down the most popular lacrosse helmets on the market today. Warrior has been manufacturer their versions of lacrosse helmets for more than a decade. For a brief period Brine Lacrosse also manufactured and sold lacrosse helmets. Brine no longer offers their lacrosse helmets. STX recently (2015) launched their versions of lacrosse helmets and it remains to be seen if they can release the strangle hold Cascade has on the market for lacrosse helmets. Lacrosse helmets have been a mandatory part of the protective equipment worn by boys and men playing lacrosse for years. Lacrosse helmets are offered in a variety of athletic colors. Warrior has a custom paint option for their lacrosse helmets. There are a number of decal companies that offer team logo decal options for lacrosse helmets. Many teams also like to add their players numbers to their lacrosse helmets. Recently full "wraps" to completely customize lacrosse helmets have been introduced by a number of decal companies. Lacrosse helmets have also been used by girl's and women's lacrosse goalies. Currently there is growing interest in the girl's and women's game for the female players to use lacrosse helmets. As of today the use of lacrosse helmets in girls and women's lacrosse in most leagues is optional. In 2016 the Florida High School Athletic Association mandated the use of lacrosse helmets during all girls lacrosse practices and games. Other states have are keeping an eye on the situation in Florida regarding the use of lacrosse helmets in the girl's game. It is unclear whether the NCAA will look to change college rules regarding the mandatory use of lacrosse helmets in the women's college game. Cascade has recently released a girls version of their hard plastic shell lacrosse helmets. The Cascade female lacrosse helmets are called the Cascade LX Women's Lacrosse Helmets. These Cascade Lacrosse Helmets are a one piece unit combining a wire goggle with an adjustable hard plastic headgear. It will be very interesting to see what the future holds for lacrosse helmets in the female game and how the use of lacrosse helmets will impact the physicality and need for additional female protective equipment.


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