Custom Lacrosse Gloves


Custom Lacrosse Gloves

Wave One Sports offers custom men’s lacrosse gloves from Warrior, Brine, STX and Under Armour. Lacrosse gloves are worn by both men and women while playing lacrosse; however the two gloves are very different.

Women’s lacrosse gloves have a minimal amount of protective padding, are lightweight, and usually have some type of grip material built in the palms.  Women’s gloves are worn more often for warmth in cooler months rather than for protection. They are not required under the rules of the various bodies that govern women’s lacrosse.

Men’s lacrosse gloves are much heavier and bulkier than women’s lacrosse gloves. Gloves are required due to the legal stick-checking permitted in the men’s game. Men’s lacrosse gloves incorporate heavier foam padding, different plastic panels and shields, and thicker synthetic leather materials to create the protection needed to withstand repeated stick checks. Significant changes in the technology and materials used to manufacture men’s lacrosse gloves have resulted in reduced weight and improved protection.

Custom lacrosse gloves are offered by all of the major lacrosse equipment companies. Most of the manufacturing is done overseas at the same factories that make stock men’s lacrosse gloves. The result is a consistent style and quality. Custom lacrosse gloves are typically made identically to the stock versions with options to customize and personalize the gloves. Colors for up to five or six different color zones or panels can be chosen to create a glove in your team’s colors. Custom team logos can be embroidered in multiple colors usually on the cuff of the gloves. Player names and numbers can also be embroidered to complete the personalization of custom lacrosse gloves.

Originally offered only to high level college programs, custom men’s lacrosse gloves are now available to teams at all levels. Custom lacrosse gloves add sophisticated style to any team’s look without sacrificing protection. Even individual custom lacrosse gloves are now offered in custom colors. However, most companies require you to purchase a minimum quantity of lacrosse gloves to include custom embroidery. As with most lacrosse equipment and apparel, discounts are available for team purchases of custom men’s lacrosse gloves.

Wave One Sports offers custom men’s lacrosse gloves from Warrior, Brine, STX and Under Armour. Please contact Wave One Sports for a free quote, mock-up, and information regarding custom lacrosse gloves and all other lacrosse equipment and apparel.

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